Cinnamon Intense Flavour Range Food Flavours 28.5ml


Our extra strength range of exciting flavours in 28.5ml pots just a few drops are all that is needed to add flavour to cakes, cupcakes, frostings, creams, fondants, icings, ice cream, toppings & any other food use.

Colour: Dark

Ingredients:- Monopropylene Glycol, Natural
Status: Natural
No artificial ingredients
Additives & alergens present: None
Suitable for flavouring Ecig vapes - YES
Gluten free, suitable for vegans all ingredients conform to EEC legislation

Important note for e-cigs users. This strong Cinnamon flavouring has an aroma of clove in it's full strength state. The cinnamon flavour develops during food use but when used in e-cigs it maintains for of it's clove notes.

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