Aniseed Intense Flavour Range Food Flavourings 100ml


Large 100ml bottle

Our extra strength range of exciting flavours just a few drops are all that is needed to add flavour to cakes, cupcakes, frostings, creams, fondants, icings, ice cream, toppings & any other food use.

String aniseed flavour to replicate aniseed balls, Anise, Sambucca, Pernod, Fennel

Colour: Clear

Ingredients:- Ethanol, Natural Flavourings
Status: Natural
No artificial ingredients

Additives & alergens present: None

Suitable for flavouring E-liquids ?? Under current EU legislation, as no long term testing has been completed for e-cigarettes it is not possible to state that any ingredient, flavouring or otherwise, is ‘safe’ to vape, our flavourings are of the highest food grade and contain no diacetyl. Flavourings containing oil should not be used for e-liquids.

If you follow an alcohol free lifestyle please avoid flavourings containing ethanol.

Gluten free, suitable for vegans all ingredients conform to EEC legislation

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  • Model: 100ml Aniseed
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  • Manufactured by: Cupcake-World