Gemz Glitter Metallic Gold Jumbo 50g pot


The Metallic range is the same high sparkle as the hologram range but without the 'rainbow holgram' effect. Great for Christmas projects. Gemz jumbo pots hold a fantastic 50g net which is 6.5 times more than our standard pots

These are non-toxic glitters and in the EU are not classified as a food product, to be classed a 'food' the product must be fully digestible when eaten and have calorific value, and these do not as they are an inert substance. They should be used to decorate items that are removed before eating but are non toxic so cause no ill effect if digested.The FSA are currently retesting all edible and non-toxic glitters and this is the position until the testing is complete and as yet no formal instructions have been given.

Examples of suitable uses are to use on decorations that are removed before eating such as models, stars, hearts etc. on wires, covered cake boards and exhibition cakes & pieces. This glitter is not for sprinkling directly onto cakes and cupcakes that are to be eaten as this is not a food product, for this use you should select one the 100% edible dusts and flakes. If you are purchasing for cakes that you sell commercially please ensure that you are familiar with the FSA guidelines.

The Gemz Glitter Range is classed as a 'non-toxic' non food glitter. As non toxic, if consumed the product will cause no harm and will simply pass through the digestive system. EU regulations determine that this product should be labelled 'non-toxic' not for food use and not labelled edible.

For those wishing to obtain further information prior to buying the full FSA guidelines can be viewed at the link below, please do not purchase if you are not happy with the product details. We understand that many of you still wish to use this product to achieve the high sparkle effect but should only use this on items that are removed before eating.

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  • Model: GEMZ MET GOLD Jumbo
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